Baby steps or bootstrap?

Every time I wonder if I need to make changes one step at a time or judging by past history and my propensity to fizzle out on Day 3 of any new change; should I draw a line in the sand and just go all-out? I need a radical change to get my life in order, focus on getting healthier and nourish myself, keep up my commitments at work and school and through it all find time for faith, magic and miracles. No small ask indeed

On the one hand, I am truly excited to begin this research assignment of a lifetime and yet somehow my feet drag. It’s not because the end goal is not precious anymore- it’s more because I am not sure how to go about doing it. I want to use the imagery exercise suggested in the book and wish there was a temple where I could meditate and find which of the path to take

Well, looks like I have my answer – there is no temple to help out but there is always Google and I came across BJ Fogg’s website which talks about tiny habits and how behaviours travel in packs – so a change in one behaviour impacts others and it snowballs. I am an Agile product manager and I should know more than anybody else the value of iterations, pivots and tweaks and launching with a minimum viable product so I can test the effect – this is allll falling into place now!

It also fits perfectly in this research game, since I will be able to successfully judge the effects of each “medicine” if I change one variable at a time. Starting this week it is to rise early and have a glass of warm water+lemon+honey. Given I will be traveling for a couple of days in this week – I still need to make arrangements to keep my routine.

Here’s to walking towards the baby taking a baby step!


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