I am in my own way …

As I sit here at the Airport, happy with the outcomes of the work trip and enjoying driving around in sunny Queensland – I just realized that for the last few days – nay weeks and months all I am eating is crap 😦

If I were to be truly fertile and nurture my own soul – they key is I eat well and my inventory at the moment reads like a Biggest Loser contestant’s food diary – cookies, cakes, Schnitzel, pizza, chips, fries, pretzels, Pringles. Not only is the nutrition value close to zero, I feel bloated, my skin is probably at it worst and I also have a fridge full of vegetables and fruits that will probably just end up in the trash. It’s quite clear that if I don’t shake up and wake up, nothing is absolutely ever going to change

The heart of it all is my procrastination -it’s literally killing me – I need to get out of my own way. No amount of wish lists and blog posts and books and mental imagery will ever help me if I do not help myself

I think I have used every excuse in the book waiting for that perfect moment, that perfect tomorrow and now as ridiculous as it sounds even that perfect blog post to start my ‘healing journey’ – what I don’t realize is that the more I wait, the further I am from the healthy fork in that road – a most sobering thought

My worst enemy is me 😐


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