Of Emotional Vampires, Wearable Devices and Midnight Birthday Parties

I came across a very interesting term: Emotional Vampires: People who suck the good out of every relationship. I was pretty naive about such things before but in the last decade I have come across a fair few such beings, unfortunately some in my close family (Not blood relatives of course 😉 ) No matter how hard I try and build some sort of a working relationship with them, they continually tend to destroy all trust and basic faith. Time and again they challenge my belief that people cannot be inherently evil. Well, I have learnt some people can be more than evil: they wish the worst for their own blood. It is sad that I had to kick off the new year with an episode involving such people but really makes you realize how lucky you are to be born in a family where all I ever knew growing up was goodness of heart, kindness and basic humanity.

I received my “Jawbone Up24″in the mail today, just in time to get going on all my fitness resolutions to lead a healthier 2015. I kept considering buying a wearable device so I don’t have to carry my iPhone on me always. I saw several of my managers wear it and had been planning on getting a FitBit or Jawone for some time. I have a few health challenges staring straight at me next week with the laparoscopy and the recovery after  but with Jawbone I want to track and monitor my movements, my food and sleep to get back on a holistic route of repairing myself and losing weight for good. It’s funny how every new year, despite my resolve not to make resolutions, I tend to still keep coming back to the drawing board Maybe there is an optimistic child alive in me after all 🙂

I will be heading to a surprise midnight birthday today. Just made me realize its been very many decades since I’ve had one. Here in Australia I have neither the friends nor the family to organize surprises and don’t really feel much like a child at all, waiting up till midnight to hear friends come in or call. Australia makes me feel very much lonely indeed. I’ll stop before the morose thoughts take over … Jawbone has just buzzed and asked me to get up and take a few steps..to a happier tomorrow 🙂


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