Of New Beginnings, Shared Sorrows and Writing

1st of January, a new beginning, an infusion of hope and dreams of a better year ahead. This year certainly feels a lot more special. We watched the fireworks on TV and I was awed by the waterfall effect..of seeing golden liquid cascade from my beloved Harbour Bridge, the sky full of a thousand splendid color bursts and joy and anticipation in the air. This is my year of bubstein I said as we chinked a glass of champagne and I vowed to push away any dark thoughts and soak in the quiet, happy moment.Today started on a very good note with crisp, golden sunshine a productive walk through of my to-list and organizing and planning for a better year ahead.

I met an old friend online and was deeply shocked to find out she had a nightmarish couple of years, a miscarriage last year and an abortion at five months this year. And yet, there she was full of hope and strength and all my troubles and pains seemed minuscule in proportion. I read somewhere that if everybody were to lay their troubles on a table, we would be quick to pick our own ones back. Sharing sorrows certainly halves them but would it be selfish to say it also makes you realize your troubles are far lesser in comparison? If she has the strength to still hope and keep walking ahead, I surely can overcome my situation and do my best to stay positive and motivated and full of hope. Never give up and not give in to the dark thoughts and the empty spaces.

This year I want to write, pour my heart our, churn out articles and hone my craft. I need to overcome my anxiety and perfection and start penning away. Who knows by the end of the year, I may have something ready to publish! I have never really done anything on a consistent basis and I would love to pick up writing and be remembered as someone who had an interesting blog, who tried to make her mundane life a little more remarkable each day by finding humor, life lessons and meaning in the ordinary Life of Pri.




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