Of Facebook movies, Walk in the park and Facetime

Facebook launched a new app recently to commemorate a decade of their existence. Its been a decade? The movie helped me walk down memory lane in the times of Orkut, waiting for a scrap and vying for good testimonials. Then followed the expectant wait for that much talked about Facebook invite which almost became a social status in itself owning a Facebook account. Then facebook slowly became an everyday part of life almost inescapable and integral. Friends, family and soon enough parents and grand parents got on it too and one had to censor the posts or curtail real thoughts. Facebook movie just made me realize its been a long and beautiful journey and I hope it continues to be so.

I went home and in line with my newfound enthusiasm for exercise and eating well went to the park for a nice long walk in the sunshine. I want to enjoy these summer days while they lost, watch the kids play in the park, look at fitness enthusiasts trying to be better each day and just soak in the moments. It made me feel a whole lot better and lightened up the dark mood I was in.

Went home to the bliss of another technological inventions: Facetime. Yes, Skype has been around for long and there have been messages and chats but Facetime for me is magic. Its almost like being in the same room with the person and when your parents are a million miles away, nothing feels better than sharing the same chats in the kitchen with your mother; albeit miles away. 




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