Of Mid-week lunches, Profile photos and Game of Thrones..

Since I moved to the city and the new job what I missed most about my old job was lunch with work mates. We were a motley group of engineers and marketing people and the hour long lunch breaks by the lovely campus lake was always the high point of my day. Fast forward to this new place which is a far cry from the old beautiful campus, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of lunch conversations too. Fortunately, an old work mate and my favorite of the lot moved to the City as well and we started a new ritual of meeting for lunches on Wednesdays. I really look forward to this hour of talk and memories and life and more on sunny afternoon benches. It really is one of my spa for the soul moments.

Came back to work where everyone was having fun with posing for head shots to be used in the Organisational communicator. A lot of take, re-takes, giggles and frowns later I came away convinced I’ll never photograph naturally thanks to being blessed with baby cheeks. The camera certainly adds a few additional pounds and make me look like a swollen potato with two button eyes and lots of blemishes. Charming, certainly not. But then thanks to wonderful technology and the advent of excellent photo shopping tools including one for weight loss (hear hear!), we shed a few pounds from the cheeks, added makeup and made me look presentable. No more bad photos, ever!

Spent the evening watching a few episodes of the Game of Thrones. I am totally impressed since this is the first screen adaptation of a book that matches the book and my imagination word for word. No parts are left out or embellished and I can spend hours looking at my imagination come alive with thrones and dragons, the wall, giants and sword fights.



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