Of Meditation, Scrabble and Motivation

In order to meet my smart goals, I set the timer to 5 minutes and decided to meditate. I went in with no expectations or rule and realized there is a constant stream of dialogue in my mind. I decided not to check my thoughts and observe the chatter and those 5 minutes felt no different to what I normally feel. I was thinking about the same subjects and people, worrying about the same things. The five minutes zipped by completely and I will see if tomorrow or maybe many months down the line if I feel any different. In fact, when I went for my morning walk, I felt more at a meditative peace amidst the lush green parkland and tall eucalyptus trees.

On my way to work today, in order to try my best to enjoy the bus ride I decided to play scrabble and was completely hooked. I love words and scrabble can keep me endlessly occupied. It feels absolutely good to try and work out the various permutations and combinations to out wit the computer only to be beat by totally random unheard of words. There is something so charming and fun about word play that no amount of Sudoku can ever hope to give. Numbers are dry and unimaginative, words full of intrigue.

It being just the second day of the year, I went in a lot more motivated than I normally am and came up with a fair sized to-do list. I decided to ease into the routine and was fairly productive for the first half of the morning but the motivation levels did fizzle out late in the afternoon. When oh when can I find a Ninja like focus to immerse myself in my 9-5 world?


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