Of Airports, New Year Resolutions and Hope..

There is something about Airports that never fails to mesmerize. The constant hub of activity, of farewells and tears, of smiles and cheers, the excitement about lands unknown, the comfort of coming home.

We stuck to at least one new year’s resolution of waking up early since we had to drop off a friend to the airport. I wish I could fly out too, home to India or lands unknown. Sadly, my wings are clipped at the moment and I’ll have to wait till April to fly to magical Tasmania.

Just like each year, I have a bucket full of goals that I wish to achieve. It dawned on me when I reviewed my last year’s goals that sadly not much was accomplished even though it was neatly written out. This year the plan is to now have SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound). Just as a corporate entity divides its Year into quarters, I went ahead and planned for Q1-Q4 with milestones for each quarter. Pretty excited to see if this models works and I finally crack the productivity and goals conundrum.

And finally a brief review of 2013 which was a mixed bag for me. I suppose every year is mixed bag with some that have more lows than highs. 2013 though was a fair mix. A new car, new home, new job, Japan and US trips marking the sunny side while disappointments and dashed hopes with health, the struggle to find that job and the social disconnect casting really long shadows over it all.

But once again, as the calendar is refreshed; hope abounds. A fresh chance to make a difference, make a dent and leave a footprint.


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